A BrilliANT read

Rosi Ngwenya with her book BrilliANT: A journey into the impressive life of an ant

Sunshine Coast’s very own Children’s Dental Therapist, Rosi Ngwenya of Smile By Design (Maroochydore) and Simply Dental (Noosa), has ventured into the literary world with the release of a unique children’s picture book, BrilliANT: A Journey into the Impressive Life of an Ant.

This non-fiction book explores the fascinating world of ants through captivating illustrations and minimalist storytelling, using only words that end in -ant.

“As someone who works closely with children, I wanted to create something that would both educate and entertain,” says Rosi.

“When working on my little patients, I love to create fun stories about the bacteria in their mouths while I’m doing their fillings, and ants are just another often overlooked but interesting tiny creature.”

BrilliANT takes readers on a hilarious journey, highlighting the intricate micro-world of ants and adding an element of literacy by learning the meanings of these ant-suffixed words.

“The book’s minimalist style allows for creative interpretation and provides gentle educational opportunities, making it an engaging read for children with ant facts included in the back. Parents will love that it only has 16 words too — the perfect bedtime book.”

Rosi has been a popular children’s dental therapist on the Sunshine Coast for the past 10 years.

She is a current finalist for this year’s Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network’s Young Business Woman of the Year with her natural toothpaste brand About28 Oral Care. Her expertise and love for working with children have seamlessly translated into her new role as an author.

The book is due to release on 31 July, just in time for National Book Week, and is now available for preorders from all major bookstores.