Award-winning short film picked up by SBS

Local film maker Fisch Rasy.

Local filmmaker Fisch Rasy has produced an award-winning documentary entitled “A Woman’s Calling”, which was recently picked up by national public television network SBS.

“A Woman’s Calling” centres around the topic of period poverty featuring the story of Veronica and a group of Doomadgee women who look beyond their own struggles and seek to help women in Papua New Guinea.

Doomadgee is a small indigenous community in far north-west Queensland. Their way of life is simple, but in the midst of their own struggles, they were able to find a rekindled sense of purpose through creating washable menstruation pads for women living in extreme poverty in Papua New Guinea.

Life can be tough for women in Papua New Guinea. In their hardships they struggle to make ends meet, let alone keep proper hygiene. This has been known to be root to many problems in health, education and overall wellbeing.

The film tells us about how these two people groups come together in the form of a cross-cultural partnership.

Fisch Rasy, lead filmmaker and owner of Pluggas, was contracted to complete the project.

“We quickly reached out to our network and pulled together an expert team of international crew including some local talent.” Fisch said.

“Gender diversity was critical for this project being such a taboo indigenous subject, even so I personally ended up directing the interview and we spoke for two and a half about the subject.”

Pluggas is based in the Peregian Digital Hub and is a boutique film company that specialises in telling stories that inspire action.

“We were originally approached by Yolonde Entsch, from Empowering Women Empowering Communities, who was doing great work with the women in Doomadgee and together we pitched My Pathway with the project concept,” said Fisch.

The film was funded by My Pathway, Australia’s largest community development program contractor and supported by Moon Sick Care Bags, which helps the Doomadgee women to create hygiene kits for poor communities in Papua New Guinea.

“A Woman’s Calling” recently garnered multiple praises and awards in various film festivals.

It was awarded as Best Documentary Short in Changing Face International Film Festival on top of being a multiple award finalist in upcoming AFIN International Film Festival. In addition, it was also an official selection to the Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival.

SBS Australia caught wind of the film and reached out to the team and purchased the Australian broadcast license to air the short to Australian viewers all across the nation. The film was aired last week and can still be seen on demand for the next 20 days.