Families protect the beaches at Christmas

Christmas Day patrol at Noosa Main Beach.

By Ron Lane

One thing that is now occurring in surf clubs around Australia is something in which we now take great pride; that is family involvement. There could not be a better example of this than Christmas morning on Noosa Main beach.

On this occasion our beach goers came under the watchful care of two such families: the Gemmells and the Glassocks. Christmas day patrols are performed on a volunteer bases (no patrol roster system) because of family commitments.

So when the flags went up Jon Gemmell was patrol Captain and his family of William, Douglas, Reuben and Meg were with him as patrol members and for the Glassock family there was Jan with her family of Harry, Archie, Maggie, Darcy and Joey. The only one missing was the father Dave, a highly respected senior member (and former JAC chairman) who we lost after a long battle with cancer.

Over the hill at the Sunshine Club they have a similar membership which includes the Redwood, Brabys and Brewers families, just to name a few. The outstanding contribution made by their family members over the many years is a matter of pride. We thank them one and all for their commitment, not only to their clubs but also the community at large.


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