New path for Sunshine Beach

New path completed at Belmore Terrace, Sunshine Beach. (Supplied)

Noosa Council has completed Stage 1 in the Ed Webb Park upgrade with the unveiling of the new Belmore Terrace footpath at Sunshine Beach.

Jointly funded by the 2021-24 South East Queensland Community Stimulus Program and Noosa Council the Belmore Terrace footpath answers the community’s call for new pedestrian crossings and improved footpath connectivity.

This upgrade provides a smooth and safe route for users of all abilities, integrating seamlessly with the natural landscape of Sunshine Beach with its architecturally designed timber boardwalk and balustrade.

Mayor Frank Wilkie said the completion of the Belmore Terrace footpath enhances connectivity and safety and harmonises beautifully with Sunshine Beach’s natural environment.

“The new pedestrian crossings and improved footpath are vital upgrades that contribute to the safety and accessibility of our pathways,“ Mayor Wilkie said.

“We are dedicated to creating a more accessible and enjoyable environment for everyone who visits Sunshine Beach.“

Minister for Local Government Meaghan Scanlon said the Miles Government was investing in communities through the South East Queensland Community Stimulus Program, alongside initiatives like Works for Queensland and the Local Government Grants and Subsidies Program.

“We’ve already seen the benefits the SEQ Community Stimulus Program is delivering for local economies, tradies and families right across this region.”

Constructed by Be! Building Group, the new 2.5-metre-wide footpath connects the existing path to the beach access at Sunshine Beach. The new road crossing improvements significantly enhance accessibility, mitigating trip hazards and improving overall pathway safety.

Stage 2 of the Ed Webb Park upgrade is scheduled to commence in the 2024/25 financial year, focusing on enhanced stormwater management, erosion prevention, new park pathways, shelters, viewing platforms, and further landscaping enhancements. These pathways will prioritise accessibility, continuing Council’s commitment to improve the area for all residents and visitors.

For more information about the Ed Webb Park upgrade, visit the Noosa Council website.