Devilish event attracts conflicting views

Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon a.k.a Robin Bristow outside Noosa Council.

By Margaret Maccoll

Noosa’s first Satanic Black Mass has divided opinions and met with some opposition including a petition containing more than 42,000 signatures calling for it to be stopped.

The Noosa Temple of Satan event organised by Robin Bristow a.k.a. Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon has sold out its limit of 32 tickets under Covid-19 restrictions for the black mass to be held at the J Theatre on 30 October and will live stream the event for people who missed out on a ticket.

An online petition initiated by US-based Christian group, Return to Order, and addressed to Mayor Clare Stewart protests against “the Satanic Black Mass that is scheduled for October 30, at The J owned by the Noosa Shire Council”.

“This state-supported blasphemy is an attack on Christians everywhere, and is a serious offence against God. I urge you to cancel this event immediately. Anti-Christian, Satanic hate is religious discrimination,” the petition reads.

Mr Bristow said disturbing social media comments threatening violence, intimidation and disruption had been directed at Noosa Temple of Satan and he had taken his concerns over them to the police.“It’s so easy for people to make threatening comments online,” he said.

“We just have to look at Christchurch to see how far people will go to push a religious view.”

Police suggested the group contact the relevant online sites and request comments be removed.

They said they “did not envisage any negative public involvement from (the) event”.Police will be on rostered shift and patrols can be done, but if you required permanent police presence that would require an ‘Application for Police Special Services’ and be at a considerable cost, they were told.

Noosa Council has not received the petition initiated by Return to Order but said in a statement The J Noosa was available to be booked by all individuals and organisations who are conducting lawful activities.

Community Services Director Kerri Contini said on this occasion, an external organisation has booked the facility to host a one-off half-hour ticketed event, limited to 32 people.

“As an operator we don’t endorse any of the room hire activities, but the facility is provided with standard hiring agreement conditions and we do not discriminate against bookings in relation to age, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or individual political opinions,” she said,

Ms Contini said Council supports diversity in the community and it’s understandable that not everyone agrees with certain events that occur in public venues.