Andy swaps car for scooter to avoid Noosa’s traffic jams

Andy Brown’s still over the moon about her FONZ Moto Arthur 2 electric scooter.

On World EV Day, Friday 9 September, Noosa local Andy Brown is taking a look back on her six-month love affair with a FONZ Moto Arthur 2 electric scooter.

Aside from its stunning aesthetic, zero-emissions credentials and efficient running costs of less than $1 a week, switching from a car to a scooter has saved Andy hours of time travelling between the luxury holiday homes she manages as part of her bespoke concierge business.

Brown & Co, has been operating in Noosa for four years and battling traffic jams to ensure properties are at an impeccable standard and ready for hand-over has long been one of the challenges of the job.

“To get from place to place it’s much better to be on two wheels than four. On the Arthur I can take the property supplies I need on the back, I can make handsfree calls easily – given the bike’s silent – and I can avoid Noosa Hills notorious traffic jams!

“This model’s got enough power to easily conquer those and also blending with our business values. Brown & Co values both eco-friendly choices and beautiful design, so the vehicle’s a perfect fit for us.”

Andy has long been a two-wheel enthusiast, having resided in Bali and spent more than her fair share of time enjoying the freedom that comes with living life off the back of a scooter.

“I’ve had petrol scooters, motorbikes, e-bikes, the smaller, standing scooters and this is by far the best solution to run a business with. It’s fast enough to travel seamlessly through mainstream traffic and small enough to be able to get ahead at the lights.

“I’ve got my licence for a pillion passenger and I love taking my daughter, Izzy, on the back with me. There’s nothing like the freedom of being on two wheels and feeling the rush of air on your face. With the silence of the Arthur it reminds me of my fun days back in Bali… it’s just a bit more peaceful now.”

Andy says she heard about FONZ though a friend and buying a trusted, Australian brand was also important to her.

“I knew the bike would be quality and I’m not disappointed. I can literally plug it in anywhere to charge it up, I’ve never had any issues with ranges – despite the Noosa terrain – and it’s become quite the talking point around town. Everyone loves how it looks and many people are surprised it handles the hills so well but it’s just been great all round.”