Hatching season keeps snake catcher on his toes

Snake noodle season has been keeping the Noosa Snake Catcher Luke Huntley on his toes.

By Abbey Cannan

Baby snakes are of the plenty around Noosa as birthing and hatching season has arrived, according to snake catcher Luke Huntley who provides some tips on what to do if you come across them.

Luke said he has been flat out relocating clutches of baby snakes from around Noosa homes, businesses and schools.“Breeding season runs from September to November. Over Christmas the female snakes go down to lay their eggs or incubate the live baby snakes inside them,“ he said.

“The Christmas period is where a lot of female snakes lay their eggs. Around the end of January to early April is when these snakes eggs hatch or they give birth to live young.“

He said certain species were either egg layers or live birth.

“For example carpet pythons lay eggs and red bellied black snakes give birth to live young. So around this time of year we call it snake noodle season, because there’s so many tiny baby snakes everywhere.“

Luke said that if you come across a snake, it is important stay calm and remove any children or pets from the area.

“Either wait for it to go away by itself or give me a call if you need advice or want it gone,“ he said.

Luke said he relocates the snakes in State forests around the northern end of the Sunshine Coast.

For advice on snake relocation contact Luke on 0499 920 290.