Planting trees for koalas

Meghan Halverson helping koalas.

On World Environment Day on Saturday 22 June the Queensland Koala Crusaders invite everyone to the World BioBridge Mission Community Tree Planting with Noosa and District Landcare Group on McKinnon Drive at Ringtail Creek.

The Noosa Koala Habitat Restoration Project led by Noosa Council, Noosa Parks Association and the Queensland State Environment Department, will celebrate the generous financial contributions of The Body Shop, and Peppers Noosa Resort and Villas towards the restoration of Ringtail State Forest.

“In providing funding at the early stages of the project, we are hopeful that the trees will provide food and shelter sooner, which will give koalas a fighting chance in the ongoing threats evident in habitat loss and fragmentation across the State,” QKC president Meghan Halverson said.

“It is critical because if we don’t act now, we could lose them forever.”

Ongoing road mitigation and responsible pet ownership, as well as addressing wild dog issues, are all part of the ongoing threat mitigation for koalas, she said. Disease is also a factor and current measures of addressing koala health are not keeping up with the decline in population.

“Our rescue team requests that reporting of koala sightings in your area be prompt so that health can be addressed. If disease is present and caught in the early stages, the koala has a better chance for recovery after rehabilitation.

“Slow down on the roads. Keep your dogs in at night and let us know if you have any concerns. A community working together to address “what is best for koalas” can lead to a positive outcome and a chance for recovering populations in connected habitats such as what will be the key in the Noosa Koala Recovery Project”.


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