Budget community driven

Mayor Clare Stewart

In her first budget since taking the top job, Noosa Mayor Clare Stewart is set to hand down a budget that delivers on the mantra of “save where we can to spend where we must”.

Cr Stewart said no-one could have predicted the destructive economic force that is Covid-19, but this Council has responded by putting residents and businesses first.

“In such a challenging and unique environment, we have delivered a financially responsible budget that maintains spending, minimises increases for ratepayers and provides a foundation for a strong plan to recovery,” she said.

Council has reduced three levies – the Environment ($14.00 reduction) Sustainable Transport ($7.50) and Heritage levy ($5.00). This helps offset necessary CPI increases in the general rate and waste charge.

Cr Stewart said the budget has been framed on a four-year Covid-19 financial recovery plan for Council, which ensures a measured financial response to minimise impacts on rates whilst maintaining core services.

“Staff have done a tremendous job balancing the needs of the community while adopting a frugal approach to spending,”

“There has been a strong focus on delivering grassroots, community orientated projects in a $27 million Capital Budget,” Cr Stewart said.

This is on top of the recent state government Covid Recovery funding grants totaling $3.83 million.

“It’s very much a budget for the times and with the uncertainty of Covid and its long term implications, it’s important to continue to support the community, rebuild the economy and assist residents with their recovery,” she said.

Cr Stewart and councilors will hand down the budget at 10am Friday 10 July. Residents can watch a live stream on the council website.