Police plead with motorists as 146 lives lost on Queensland roads

Glass House Mountains man, 26, received infringement notice for speeding. (Queensland Police Service)

Police are pleading with motorists to exercise caution when travelling on roads after wrapping up the state-wide winter school holiday road safety initiative on Sunday 7 July.

Motorists are continuing to exhibit dangerous driving behaviours, such as speeding and drink driving which are continuing to lead to tragic consequences.

As of 4 July, there have been 146 lives tragically lost on Queensland roads, a significant rise from the 127 lives lost, as of this time last year. Many of these fatalities have been the result of speeding or dangerous driving.

Motorcycle riders and their passengers make up 27 per cent of lives lost on Queensland roads, a shocking statistic considering they make up only around five per cent of vehicles registered on the road.

To ensure motorists are adopting safer driving practices, the road safety blitz adopted a zero-tolerance approach towards dangerous driving, targeting speeding, fatigue, seatbelt use, driver distraction, driving while impaired and vehicle safety standards, as well as a focus on motorcycle drivers.

Over the course of the operation to date, from 12.01am Saturday 22 June to 11.59pm Thursday 4 July, Police conducted 27,923 Roadside Breath Test’s (RBT) and 1683 Roadside Drug Tests (RDT).

During this period, police discovered and charged 450 drivers with drink driving and 360 motorists with drug driving.

In addition to these incidents, 2314 motorists were issued fines for speeding offences and 187 fine for seat belt offences.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Pilotto spoke of the number of motorists who have been found to be driving dangerously during these school holidays, which is a traditionally busy time.

“The Queensland Police Service is and always will be dedicated to keeping motorists safe by enforcing a zero-tolerance policy for those found to be driving dangerously,” Acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Pilotto said.

“We must work together to make our roads safer.

“Every decision you make behind the wheel not only impacts yourself, but all those around you on the road.

“Fatalities, as a result of a disregard for road safety, are indiscriminate and causes devastation to families across the entire State.

“What we can control, is our own behaviour behind the wheel.

“Too many lives have been lost on Queensland roads this year and we do not want to see this figure climb any higher.”

Current projections indicate Queensland is on track to exceed 300 lives lost on Queensland roads by the end of 2024.