When it’s flooded …

A car crosses a flooded bridge at Pomona.

Motorists halted by floodwaters on Pomona Kin Kin Road were shocked to see drivers venture across the submerged Six Mile Creek bridge in front of them.

Rosie Emerson was on her way to the market when floodwaters prevented her journey about 6.45am on Saturday.

She and others shook their heads as they watched a man with two young children, “not even tall enough to see out the window“ drive through the flood waters.

“How did he know the bridge was there,“ she asked.

“We could not believe it.

“I think he shocked himself. He looked quite rattled after crossing,“ she said.

Rosie said he wasn’t the only motorist to cross the flooded bridge. She also watched a four wheel drive pulling a hire trailer travel over the bridge that is earmarked for replacement.

“Last time it flooded there were some questions about the integrity of the bridge,“ she said.

State Emergency Services local controller Warren Kuskopf said the Pomona area received the most rain in Noosa over the weekend receiving about 200mm in 24 hours with floodwaters also cutting off Louis Bazzo Drive.

Mr Kuskopf said apart from minor flooding, Noosa SES received only one callout to assist after a tree fell over a driveway, but some volunteers were deployed to Gympie and Mary Valley which took the brunt of weekend weather.

Due to Covid concerns, SES volunteers were last week informed they had been restricted to only attending Level 4 emergencies and would not be performing activities such as planned burns.

Mr Kuskopf said the increasing numbers of Covid cases in Noosa had raised concerns by some volunteers and only double vaccinated members were able to be activated.