Wild weather is just swell

Picture: stock photo - freeaussiestock.com

By Andrew Cantwell

The weather system that brought drenching rain to Noosa on Wednesday night 12 February also brought a mad swell to the Noosa coast, with surfing hopefuls whipping their boards out and their shirts off to take advantage of the tight sets on Thursday.

Hastings Street and Park Road leading to the national park were packed with cars – making them more like a car park than a thoroughfare – with traffic halted on more than one occasion, when Noosa Today visited just after lunch on Thursday.

The traffic was so bad, we were unable to stop and take a photo of the mayhem.

But surfers brought out the surfboards, body boards or anything they could stand on, making a beeline for the access points.

Many were content to be seen and watched from the safety of the path as the wild surf lashed the beaches – conditions rightly so were for the accomplished and mad keen … or just the mad.

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