Satanists to hold Hastings Street march

Volunteer marshalls at the march will be identified by the carrying of skulls.

The Noosa Temple of Satan will hold its annual Black Mass ceremony in the form of a public street march on Hastings Street from 7.30pm on Saturday 30 October.

The Satanic religious sect is protesting the decision by the Noosa Council to ban them from their spiritual home at The J in Noosa Junction.

The group’s leader, Robin Bristow, also known as Brother Samael Demo Gorgon, said the 2020 Black Mass ceremony was successfully held in private at the council-owned facility but their 2021 application to rebook the same room was rejected.

Noosa Council told us that the staging of our Black Mass in 2020 led to “direct abuse of Council staff” and “had a strong negative impact on staff safety and wellbeing,” he said.

According to Mr Bristow – It is unfair that a Satanic religious ceremony can be cancelled due to the Council being terrorised by Christian extremists.

“Our Black Mass is a celebration of religious freedom. Unfortunately, it is clear that many Christians want to cancel our religious freedom and are happy to use intimidation tactics to do so,” he said.

Unable to conduct their ceremony in private the group have decided to hold a public protest which will incorporate some of its Black Mass rituals.

These will include simulated cannibalism and blood drinking involving a transubstantiated Jesus Christ, a simulated whipping scene where Mary Magdalene will extract revenge on the patriarchy represented by Jesus Christ and ritual blessing of participants by smearing fake blood pentagrams on exposed flesh.

Mr Bristow said they would advise police of their intention to hold a protest five days before the event in accordance with the Peaceful Assembly Act, and the march would be managed by volunteer marshalls, who will be identified by holding skulls.