What are the issues this election?

Andrew Schebella (United Australia Party)

With the Federal Election this Saturday 18 May Noosa Today asked local Noosa leaders what they thought were the two most important issues in this election facing the residents of Noosa. The top issues identified by Wide Bay candidates has also been included here for residents to compare.

Sandy Bolton:

The two issues that are constant are:

The cost of living especially housing, utilities and petrol

Access whether that be telecommunications, transport or to processes.

Tony Wellington:

A fairer revenue share for local government – Noosa Council joins other local governments calling for a fairer share of tax dollars. The annual Federal Assistance Grants paid by the Federal Government to all Australian councils helps pay for libraries, roads and other essential services. In 1996, the local government sector received 1% of commonwealth tax revenue as Federal Assistance Grants. In 2018, we received just 0.55% – almost half that amount.Real action on climate change – The UK parliament has just declared an environment and climate emergency. The world’s leading climate scientists, supported by the IPCC and the UN, have warned that we have just a dozen years to take serious action on climate change if we are to keep global warming to no more than 1.5 degrees. Temperatures higher than that are likely to have very dire consequences. In Australia, local councils, businesses and individuals understand that the cost of not taking action is likely to be far greater than the cost of acting on climate change. That’s why we are doing something at Noosa Council. It would be nice if there was also leadership and support from our highest lawmakers. There is no more urgent issue facing governments today.

Cooroy Chamber of Commerce:

Concerns over abolishing negative gearing and what it will do the house market

Concerns over franking credits refund removal

Changes to fair work

Association of Independent Retirees (A.I.R.) Noosa Branch:

Stop negatively changing the rules relating to superannuation – Labor’s proposed disciminatory changes to franking credit refunds is a perfect example of changing the rules. Over a million, mostly low and middle income, self-funded retirees will be denied part of their income thus putting them on the aged pension earlier. There will be a flow on negative impact to the families of self-funded retirees, the community and Australian companies as we will have less spending power.

All political parties should be actively encouraging retirees to become self-sufficient. This will help maintain a strong economy.National Seniors:

Both the major parties need to address the big issues of almost 130,000 people waiting for home care, pension poverty and the appalling inadequacy of the Newstart allowance with 180,000 Australians aged 55-64 on Newstart.

Age discrimination and the high rate of unemployment for older Australians is a major issue.

What did the candidates say?

Llew O’Brien (LNP)

Creating jobs and a strong economy, vibrant

communities, and a sustainable environment.Easing traffic congestion and improving

road safety.

Reducing cost of living pressures, providing

tax relief, and helping tackle electricity costs.Jason Scanes (Labor)

Health – invest in vital health services in the community

Education – rebuild trade skills through TAFE and vocational education system

Environment – partner with local surf clubs and clean ocean initiatives to eliminate single use plastic

from our beaches, create an Australian

Environment Act and establish a Federal

Environmental Protection Agency

Daniel Bryar (Greens)

The biggest issue is climate change.

At a local level, we’ve got one of the most

visited tourist destinations in Australia

yet housing for local residents near to

their place of employment is completely unaffordable.

residents here are mostly good

humans with a strong displeasure for the

treatment of our first nations people, asylum

seekers and other minority groups.

Tim Jerome (Independent)

Put Australians first, put Australian businesses first.

Australians should own Australia.

Partner with local Australian businesses to see them succeed and prosper.

Andrew Schebella (United Australia Party)

Change the way tax is being paid by businesses. Instead of paying tax in advance, the tax will be paid at the end of the year based on actual figures not on an estimate.

Make home loans tax deductable.

Refinance electricity networks infrastructure loans at today’s lower rates to achieve savings for residents.

Jasmine Smith via Facebook (Conservative National)

Reducing immigration numbers until we get to a fully employed level.

End Muslim immigration so we can have a cohesive society.

Get out of the UN

Aaron Vico (One Nation) At time of printing no information was obtained from Aaron Vico.

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