Dangerous items dumped on kerb

Finding massive piles of waste during kerbside collection, well in excess of the 3m stipulation and containing dangerous and prohibited materials, is not an uncommon occurrence in rural areas, according to Noosa Council and last week the addition of broken asbestos sheeting made the pick up on one street in Kin Kin a very expensive exercise.

Council estimates the removal of the asbestos in accordance with State Government-prescribed WH&S guidelines could be as much as $10,000.

“It is very expensive requiring protection of workers, specialized burial at landfill and clean-up of the site including potential remaining material on the ground,” a Council spokesman said.

He said from their investigations the rubbish could not be identified as coming from one particular property as it was an accumulation of material on the roadside so as has occurred in other cases they were unable to identify the source to remove the material.

Director of Community Services Kerri Contini said asbestos exposure had been linked to serious, terminal health issues which is why it requires a fully licenced asbestos contractor to handle and dispose of it properly.

Council called in experts to dispose of the asbestos immediately, cordoned off the area, and followed procedures to ensure the safety of those involved.

“By dumping this asbestos they have put locals at risk, our contractors at risk and have cost rate-payers in the process,” she said.

The kerbside collection concludes on 6 September in Noosaville.

For more information visit: https://www.noosa.qld.gov.au/kerbside-collection


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