Police double officers to handle Schoolies

Noosa Heads police have doubled the amount of officers on deck for Schoolies.

By Abbey Cannan

Noosa will have more than double the usual amount of police officers on deck to manage the influx of 4000 Schoolies set to hit the region from Friday.

Mounted police on horseback will be patrolling Hastings Street with two horses from Friday to Monday in the afternoons and evenings to keep crowds in check.

Noosa Heads Police Station Acting Senior Sergeant Troy Cavell said they had sourced teams of police from Maroochydore, Tactical Crime Squad, Water Police, Mounted Police Unit on horseback, Dog Squad, Criminal Investigation Branch, Child Protection Unit, and Op Linnett from Brisbane for Covid compliance.

“We have also sourced the services of Gympie Road Policing Unit and Maryborough Tactical Crime Squad who have provided officers for the Noosa North Shore/Teewah Beach/Double Island areas on a permanent basis for the eight days,“ Sgt Cavell said.

He said they planned on providing an increased police response from Friday 20 to Sunday 29 November in and around Noosa with police primarily targeting the Hastings Street and Noosa Junction areas.

“Planning has been completed with all accommodation providers, licensed premises, business managers and various police and external agencies including Red Frogs, Office of Liquor and Gaming, Qld Parks and Wildlife,“ he said.

“Accommodation providers have employed extra security for their respective resorts and Noosa Council have extra lifeguards, extra security, local laws officers.

“We are expecting the resort to manage their own problems and if police are required it will be at the last resort.“

With about 60 per cent of school leavers now being 18-years-old and legally allowed to attend bars, Sgt Cavell said the 18 plus wouldn’t be a problem, it’s the underage that will cause most concern.

“This will be for the clubs/bars to manage and Liquor Licensing will be checking. With restrictions on numbers being reduced today, most will see an increase in patrons at their premises,“ he said.

“This will not change from what police deal with on a regular basis, drinking inside the premises is better than in a public place and we will rely on venue security to manage their patrons.

“We will be looking at preventing further offences occurring outside the licensed premises including assaults, wilful damage, public order offences.“