Satanists in spiritual fight with Gold Coast Mayor

Robin Bristow (Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon).

The Noosa Temple of Satan has announced that they will assist Gold Coast Satanists in reclaiming their “demonic stronghold” over the Gold Coast’s Home of the Arts (HOTA).

The action comes in response to reports that Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has employed Spiritual Adviser Sue Baynes as a Councillor Adviser.

Ms Baynes told Mr Tate that there was a “demonic stronghold” at HOTA and after a “spiritual battle” she boasted about displacing “the powers of darkness” that had inhabited HOTA.

The spiritual leader of the Noosa Satanists, Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon, Robin Bristow, said he was appalled that an employee of a secular government body would discriminate against Satanists.

“As Satanists, we venerate demons in much the same way that Christians venerate the Holy Spirit,” Mr Bristow said.

“It’s insulting and discriminatory to drive out Satanic Spirits while encouraging Christian Spirits.”

Ms Baynes appointment has attracted controversy after a video showed her promoting a religious philosophy known as the Seven Mountains Mandate.

Asked if he supported that philosophy Mr Tate replied, “My religious views, or views on any matter, are personal”.

This is at odds with his willingness to be photographed being baptised by Ms Haynes at Evandale Lake in 2018.

The Satanists intend to “reclaim demonic possession” on 23 April.

“On the 23 April at 2pm we will gather together at the Green Bridge and with the help of a Satanic invocation we will call on the Dark Lord to reclaim demonic possession of the Green Bridge and the HOTA facility. We call on all Gold Coast Satanists to join us as we express our right to religious freedom,” Mr Bristow said.

“I hope that Mr Tate understands we are serious about claiming our legal right to enjoy the same privileges as Christians.

“Our lawyer, Trevor Bell has taken the Education Department to the Supreme Court to enforce our right to enter Queensland State Schools and teach Satanic Religious Instruction. The case was heard on 12 August 2021 and we are still waiting for the decision.”