The Bolton Report

By Sandy Bolton Noosa Mp

Dear Santa,

This Christmas I have only two wishes for presents (maybe three if I have been good?). The bonus Santa, is that they are gifts that do not need wrapping, can be shared by our very diverse ‘one mob’, and will just keep giving!

As an MP, I look at two of the contributing factors that wrestle for resources every day. Fear and hope, with much of our time spent finding resolutions and solutions. Whether that be the impacts from individual decisions – poor health from diet or lifestyle choices, or what can be devastating consequences from someone else’s decision such as drink driving. And then there is hope.

Individuals and organisations who work to address needs, fears, and gaps. Whether it is mothers expressing milk for the Breastmilk bank so that premmie bubs have the very best start to life, our volunteers driving to the Brisbane Foodbank so that our school children have a breakfast, to our selfless organ donors who give the ultimate gift of life.

Both hope and fear drive action, and the important difference is whether the action and the energy expended delivers a positive outcome and resolution, or a negative outcome that debilitates and creates angst and further fear. Every day we must ask ourselves – where do we operate from, and what do our actions and decisions create?

How blessed we are in Noosa. Every day we see what other communities are confronted with on a daily basis – medical assistance many hours away, devastating drought that cripples families financially and emotionally, to a lack of connectivity where elderly residents can pass away without neighbours knowing. Our community, full of incredible people and organisations, take fear and hope and provide both the question ‘how to resolve’ and a solution, which is a gift in itself.

This Christmas, let’s take a moment and reflect on those that work ‘in front’ and behind the scenes in hope, delivering essential services, care, friendship and what can be a lonely road to making ‘change’. Let’s really remember, and be truly thankful, to those who gave, and continue to give their lives for the life that we now have. Let’s consider our perception, and perspective before posting that Facebook ‘rant’, criticising another, or venting our frustration at front liners. That wait in a hospital, traffic congestion that makes us 10 minutes late, or the lack of something within a 10 minute drive? Across QLD, and Australia, many would hope for the things that we consider as unacceptable.

So Santa, can you please put under the ‘Noosa Tree’ for our very extended family, the first gift of understanding about the impacts of our actions, and how just one positive change in each of our lives will contribute to the betterment of another, to the collective good, to ‘ourness’. The second, that regardless from whether we are coming from fear or hope, that the action we undertake is one that resolves, not absolves, even if that action is simply reaching out to another for assistance. Two gifts – unwrapped – that can be used every day by all of us.

Thank you Santa and Merry Christmas Noosa! May everyone take the opportunity that we have been given, to live a life of good friends, good deeds and good will, and share these as gifts to one another. I am looking forward to seeing everyone out and about over the break with my grandies in tow!


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