Body corporate committees sent into overdrive

The building shortage crisis is sending body corporate committees into overdrive.

The building shortage crisis is sending body corporate committees into overdrive, as they realise their outdated decision-making process needs a major overhaul.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 82 per cent of builders reported delays with supplies or trades in April due to a rise in dwelling approvals, and the Queensland Building and Construction Commission expects it will take some time before the industry gets back to its usual operating rhythm.

Leading body corporate management company, Archers the Strata Professionals, said the ripple effect into the strata environment was twofold.

Committee members are looking to use extra time created by Covid border closures to focus on renovations on their buildings, adding to the demand pool for the building industry.

Grant Mifsud, Partner at Archers the Strata Professionals Sunshine Coast, said committees were taking too long to reach approvals and therefore missing the boat on being able to capitalise on any trades or materials that were available.

“Going from quote to approval almost needs to be instantaneous in this climate, yet body corporate committees, managing many stakeholders, traditionally have not had this speed,” Mr Mifsud said.

He is now urging all committees to adopt online meeting formats and electronic voting mechanisms to speed up the process and get informed decisions, fast.

“It’s not only about cost-saving for buildings, but when it comes to major defects this could even mitigate a lawsuit,” he said.