Are you bushfire ready?

Peregian bushfire in 2019. Picture: ROB MACCOLL

Noosa residents are invited to attend an expert discussion hosted by residents’ association Peregian Family & Friends Inc, titled fires fought and communities saved.

Association president Leigh McCready said: “Each year around this time, it pays to get prepared for the upcoming bushfire season. With the El Nino weather system likely to last until February, it is forecast to be a hot and dry summer.”

“Our committee invites members and guests to join with fellow community members to hear from two local firefighters about the fires they have fought and how residents can get bushfire ready.

“Hear from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Noosa First Officer Rob Frey who will describe how Noosa is getting ready for the bushfire season and his firsthand experience fighting local fires.

“He will be joined by Verrierdale Rural Fire Brigade First Officer and volunteer Duncan Hall-Brown who will talk to us about his experience leading a volunteer fire crew, the activities and training they complete and the likely challenges they will face through summer.

“Following a brief AGM to appoint our executive committee for 2024, our firefighters will share their insight and help us to prepare for the remaining months of 2023, forecast by scientists as likely to be ‘hot and dry, particularly in the eastern states’ (Bureau of Meteorology via ABC News).”

Drinks and snacks will be served at the event to be held on Tuesday 21 November from 5-6pm at Peregian Beach surf club. While the event is free, registration is requested by email to

For further information about Peregian Family & Friends or to become a member, visit or the Peregian Family & Friends Facebook page.