Bolton Report: Please tell me what you think

Noosa's Independant Member for Parliament Sandy Bolton

Happy New Year everyone!

During our break, we were contacted through various channels regarding many ‘hot topics’, however in this short space I will touch on two that I have previously spoken about in Parliament – community consultation and fires.


This is a vexing topic, given the volume of methods used to seek everyone’s viewpoints.

I have asked many times – in our fast-paced world (yet processes are still slow, or at times too fast?) what are the most effective ways to reach you?

It is important that we identify a common, dedicated and reliable channel.

As an MP that genuinely, objectively and independently looks to ‘common ground’ solutions, I rely on feedback from residents to identify priorities and issues of concern.

This takes many forms including our annual community survey that was sent out in December via post, email, traditional media and across multiple social media channels.

This is paid for by tax-payers … yes you! And yet the number of responses received so far has been less than last year.

This leads me to ask why? Head to to let me know by 31 January.


The bushfires currently burning across our country have also been a major topic of concern for residents.

Many have relayed their heartfelt concerns for our ‘brothers and sisters’ down south, furry and otherwise, expressing feelings of disempowerment, despondency, and confusion about the volume of conflicting information as to the ‘whys’.

As I outlined in a Parliamentary speech after our fires, action empowers communities – we must utilize our time and energy in the ‘doing’, whilst the ‘reviewing’ occurs.

This includes increasing mitigation efforts, as well improving processes and communications to protect people, property and wildlife.

This is not a time for blame, it is a time to get on with the tasks at hand as part of adapting to a changing world and climate, which we as resilient Queenslanders, and Australians, have done before.

There are many issues to cover in 2020, and it is important we tackle these with respect and cohesion, resilience and a boldness to tread into new realms.

Look deep within. Responsibility, to self and others is key.

By working together through ‘plain speak’, looking at challenges with some ‘outside the box’ ideas and action, we can tackle all that comes before us.

Until next month. May 2020 be all that you wish for yourself, your loved ones and our community. May it rain where needed, and may all be a bit kinder, patient and empathetic to one another.

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