Big botanic spring plant sale

Botanic garden plant sale on this Saturday.

By Alan Lander

In preparation for spring, the Friends of Noosa Botanic Gardens have been busy in their propagation shed building up a big store of indoor and outdoor plants

And now it’s time to present their collection to buyers who want to beautify their homes, or start their own garden.

The spring season is upon us, the colours and aromas are magical – so make sure you go to the big plant sale starting at 7am to noon on Saturday 25 September.

The sale takes place at the Friends’ propagation shed on Lake Macdonald Drive, Lake Macdonald, at the southern car park which is on the Cooroy side.

And if you want to make a day of it, the special Shade Garden will be open from 9am to noon.

By popular demand, there will also be a coffee van for that mid-morning fix.

Or if you’re just looking for some fresh air and beauty, and want a tranquil place to enjoy a family barbecue, the gardens are the place to be, with many little private spots dotted around next to Lake Macdonald.

Bring a picnic. Bring your dog, too – but only on a leash!

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