Burgess Creek realigned

Council workers direct the flow of Burgess Creek to its former path. Photo: Rob Maccoll

It took Noosa Council workers just a day to realign the mouth of Burgess Creek at Sunrise Beach to its former path after a redirection following the February floods forced the creek to flow northward eroding sand dunes toward the David Low Way before emptying into the ocean.

After residents raised concerns about the impact of the redirection, as reported in Noosa Today last week, and an assessment was made by Council, bulldozers and excavators arrived onsite on Monday to fix the creek flow with work ongoing during the week to address the dune erosion.

A council report to address longer term issues at the area was called for by Councillor Amelia Lorentson, backed unanimously by councillors and expected to outline:

A. Actions to be undertaken by Council to manage the Burgess Creek Mouth, including erosion management;

B. Council’s current and future plans in relation to the management of outflows and water quality from the Unity Water Wastewater Treatment Plant discharging into Burgess Creek;

C. Council’s obligations as a trustee, including, but not limited to:

1. Council’s responsibilities and obligations for stormwater pipes, culverts and other infrastructure which stormwater and treated wastewater are channelled;

2. Council’s duties in respect of downstream erosion caused to dunes and beaches as a result of storm water discharge and wastewater outflows from the Unity Water Wastewater Treatment Plant; and

D. Possible funding options and opportunities from Unitywater, State and Federal governments for long-term integrated catchment and coastal management and infrastructure solutions.

The report will be delivered to a future council meeting.