New grader rolls in to boost road repairs

Noosa Council’s new Caterpillar six-wheel tier four grader has arrived.

Everyone loves a shiny new vehicle and Noosa Council’s Civil Operation crews are no different.

Council’s new Caterpillar six-wheel tier four grader has arrived, and will significantly improve the ability to deliver grading works across the shire.

Civil operations manager Bryan O’Connor said the new piece of equipment had already been put to work.

“A new grader is not something that happens often, so we’ve wasted no time putting it to work,” he said.

The grader completed works on Lake Weyba Road, Noosaville and next week tackles steep incline work in the Hinterland.

“It has the size and power to perform across a wide variety of terrain we have here in Noosa,” Mr O’Connor said.

“This new 28-tonne grader takes all these jobs in its stride,” he said.

The impressive new machine also meets the highest environmental standards for construction plant equipment and is much more fuel efficient than a standard machine, resulting in long term savings for ratepayers.

Previously council had to rely on hiring equipment to complete work, but the new machine will provide much more flexibility and convenience.

“With longer service intervals and reduced downtime, we can get more jobs completed in less time and reduce our reliance on hire equipment in the current heated construction market.” Mr O’Connor said.