Veterans get moving

Veterans enjoyed a walk along Noosa River during Veterans' Health Week.

A series of wellbeing events sponsored by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs recently took place around the Tewantin-Noosa area as part of Veterans’ Health Week.

The events were coordinated by exercise physiologist Freya Simmonds and physiotherapist Chris Mallac at the Noosa Springs Resort Fitness Centre.

All events were designed to improve veterans’ general mental and physical health, fitness and overall wellbeing.

Impending inclement weather did not prevent a mixed group of veterans to carry on and enjoy a wide variety of low impact water exercises at Noosa Springs Fitness Centre, targeted to improve overall fitness, joint and body movement, that were not too taxing and above all fun.

On Wednesday, veterans participated in a solid session of mobility and stretching exercises that built on Monday’s initial hydrotherapy event. This was followed by lunch at the resort and an excellent presentation by Chris Mallac on structure, pain, function and pain management.

Each participant was given a resistance band, trigger point ball, stress relaxation ball, contact details and general information on Open Arms support services and a program of exercises to continue at home after the event.

Friday saw another good roll-up of participants who enjoyed a 3.5 kilometre walk along Noosa River and then engaged in rugby ball handling and reaction time skills followed by a well-earned coffee and a group chat.

“The general consensus from participants following event reviews and feedback indicated it had been a great week,” Department of Veterans’ Affairs Mens Health Peer Educator Lew MacLeod said.

“All participants thought that the general structure, organisation and delivery of each event by Chris and Freya aided the Veterans in seeking to improve their overall health and fitness both now and in the future.

“Hydrotherapy classes are to continue at the Fitness Centre on a weekly basis and Veterans’ will continue to use the equipment purchased for the Veterans’ Health Week events.

“The most pleasing observation was that esprit de corps, mateship and inter-service rivalry was still alive and well despite the passing of the years.”