Food and fire – impact on Glossy Blacks

Glossy Black Parrot. Photos: Alex Western

The glossy black-cockatoo Calyptorhynchus lathami is an iconic but threatened bird species, admired by many for their beauty and unique behaviour. Climate change and inappropriate fire regimes are major drivers of decline in threatened species, and the glossy black-cockatoo, being a habitat specialist, is likely to be vulnerable to such changes.

Alex Western, an ecologist/geologist, grew up with the glossies on Kangaroo Island and saw the destruction of their habitat in the fires of 2019/20. Since moving to Queensland, he has been involved in research and the modelling of glossy black-cockatoo feeding habitat suitability across South East Queensland. At Friday Forum, he will explain how environmental variables, such as fire, geology and climate, influence the feeding habitat of the glossy black-cockatoo, as well as describe the mapping of suitable current habitat locations across the landscape.

Alex will describe how future habitat suitability can also be predicted, under different climate change scenarios, providing a tool to effectively manage habitat to ensure the long-term persistence of this unique species.

Come along to learn about the effects of environmental variables on the glossy black-cockatoo food habitat and the future of the species, on Friday 8 October at the NPA Environment Centre, 5 Wallace Drive, Noosaville, where the forum starts at 10:30am and coffee is available at 10 am. Entry is $5 by ‘tap & go’ at the door.

Registration is essential and the link is found on the NPA website at

Bird observers meet at the carpark of the NPA Environment Centre at 8:30 am.