Election update: Monday, March 30

Election update.

By Rose Astley

 Clare Stewart has slightly taken the lead ahead of Tony Wellington in the race for Noosa Mayor, as per the latest information on the Electoral Commission Queensland’s website.

Stewart is sitting on 50.65 per cent while Wellington currently sits on 49.35 per cent, this is going off of 59.55 per cent of votes counted over all, there is a still a ways to go.Councillor Brian Stockwell is a front runner to reclaim his seat at the table on the Noosa Shire Council with 7.38 per cent, with Frank Wilkie not too far behind in votes at 7.33 per cent.The ladder for councillors are as followed:Brian Stockwell 7.38%

Frank Wilkie 7.33%

Karen Finzel 6.50%

Amelia Lorentson 6.37%

Tom Wegener 6.34%Phil Moran 6.31%

Yanni Van Zijl 6.02%

Joe Jurisevic 5.89%

Karen Cook-Langdon 5.73%

Meghan Halverson 5.04%

David Fletcher 4.81%

Janet Kake at 4.66%

Patrick Lloyd 4.56%

Andrew Squires 4.30%

Jess Glasgow 4.26%

Greg Smith 4.04%

Snezana Redford 2.83%

Alan Lander 2.75%

Julien Cahn 2.47%

Nathanael Ford 2.41%

These are the councillor results at only 26.07 per cent of votes counted and are subject to change.We will continue to keep you updated throughout the day. 

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