The unusual treatment becoming a trend

Dr. Vivek Eranki.

By Abbey Cannan

An unusual treatment that has been around for a decade has just arrived in Australia, and it’s fast becoming the ‘must-have’ treatment for women between the age of 40 and 60.

According to Sunshine Coast’s Cosmetique Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Dr Vivek Eranki, the O Shot is ideal for women in need of vaginal rejuvenation. 

“Many life experiences can affect pelvic health and wellbeing. These include giving birth, hormonal changes in menopause and a number of medications including treatments for breast cancer can contribute to vaginal dryness,” Dr Eranki said.

“All of these things impact on the sensitivity of the vaginal area and overall libido.”

The O Shot, short for the Orgasm Shot, is a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment.

It is a simple painless treatment method involving the use of one’s own blood platelets which are then injected into the vaginal tissue.

The platelets naturally attract cells to the injected area, which then generate healthier and more functional tissue in the vagina. This stimulates vaginal and clitoral nerve and collagen rejuvenation.

“After the treatment, you will find an increase in libido and the ability to have multiple, more intense organisms more quickly,” Dr Eranki said.

“You’ll also experience an improvement in urinary incontinence.

“While the O Shot is very popular among women between the age of 40 and 60, it is very popular among women who have had children.

“Unfortunately carrying a child and childbirth can cause genital tract trauma and pelvic floor muscle injury. This can impact a woman’s sex life, toilet habits, confidence, and mental health.”

Dr Eranki said many women experience improvements immediately while others say it takes a few weeks. 

“The feedback is overwhelmingly positive with women telling us that it has changed their life,” he said.

Dr Eranki said the most popular treatment at their Sunshine Coast Clinic was lip fillers followed by wrinkle relaxers.

“Majority of our patients are females between the ages of 18-35,” he said.

“Historically treatments such as lip filers, dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers were more popular among females in their middle age. Treatments were focused on restoring volume.”

Dr Eranki said over the last five years, it has become increasingly popular among a younger demographic.

“Many patients now undergo such treatment as an enhancement rather than a restorative procedure,” he said.

“Some patients prophylactically undergo wrinkle relaxer treatments at a young age to stop static wrinkles from forming.

“The vast majority of our patients are females between the ages of 18-35.”

With many young women feeling the pressure for perfection, Dr Eranki said he was aware of the increasing prevalence of Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

“All patients who book an appointment for cosmetic medical treatments such as lip fillers, dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers undergo a consultation with a health practitioner,” he said.

“During the consultation, we establish the patients desired end result along with their motivation for the treatment.

“If patients are choosing to undergo these treatments for intrinsic reasons to boost their confidence and if their desired aesthetic goals are consistent with safe medical practice and deliverable results, we proceed with the treatment.”

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