Animal care and education program offered at Butterflies

Sunshine Butterflies members with chickens.

Local disability support service, Sunshine Butterflies has introduced an exciting new program to their long list of unique programs and services offered at their five acre property ‘Our Backyard’.

On September 15 they will be launching their new animal education and animal care program named ‘Farmability’.

Sunshine Butterflies all-new ‘Farmability’ program is an educational farm animal and environment program, which teaches people living with a disability practical and fun farm animal care and farm environment skills.

‘Farmability’ allows people with disabilities to gain hands on experience with farm chores; environmental activities and animal care practices.

This educational program provides a very unique learning experience for people who would not otherwise have the opportunity or facilities to do so. All activities and facilities are accessible and suitable for all abilities.

“Our new program Farmability’ provides a practical hands-on learning approach in a supported environment with our knowledgeable team of staff, including our Farmyard Educators,” Farmyard Manager and Educator, Sally Clay said.

“In this unique program, our members will learn all about permaculture, produce, animals and plants.

“To do this program with people with disabilities is just sensational, I am so thrilled to be delivering this at Sunshine Butterflies.”

CEO Leanne Walsh said Sunshine Butterflies are thrilled to be bringing this new program to their members and are also offering it up to those in the Sunshine Coast community, who are of post-school age and living with a disability.

“Farmability has been in the works for a long time now and we are beyond excited to finally be delivering this unique service to our members and their families,” she said.

“This is an incredible milestone for Sunshine Butterflies.

“It’s a well recognised fact that animals have an enormous effect on people with disabilities.”

Sunshine Butterflies Farmability program will run once a week over a 10-week period.

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