Cure your need for speed

Abbey Cannan and Samantha Clark on a Noosa Quad Bike Tour.

By Abbey Cannan

If you’re looking to see the stunning Woondum National Park while getting a little bit dusty and dirty, then the Noosa Quad Bike Tours are just the thing for you.

When planning what activity I would try for our Holiday at Home feature, I was told by my fellow journalists Margie and Phil, “You’re the young one, go and try something adventurous.“

As a colleague who does what she’s told, that is exactly what I did.

I set off to the Cooran General Store with my friend on a hot Saturday morning, meeting charismatic Noosa Quad Bike Tour owner Charles Marais with six other group members from Brisbane who were keen for an adventure.

When we arrived at the location, we were given a safety tour and briefing with two main points, watch where you are going and steer.

Let’s just say, there was at least one lady who couldn’t quite handle those directions, with our tour group of eight shaving down half, ending with the four of us who knew how to complete the very technical wrist movement to steer.

Although, I can’t blame her as she made the same error I did as a kid on a motorbike. Hitting the accelerator instead of the break and soon after I was lying in a hole in the ground.

Growing up on the coast and also in the country, I would play a game with my friend where the person steering the quad bike had to shut their eyes while the person on the back told them where to steer.

There was none of that going on today, with rocky terrain to manoeuvre and a beautiful National Park to look at, we had two eyes open at all times.

After our one hour ride we reached the Woondum National Park rock pools, where we had time to have a wander and laugh at everyone’s dirt moustaches.

When I said you might get a little bit dusty earlier on, that was a lie. You will be absolutely covered in it.

Once we had rehydrated and scoffed down fresh fruit and snack bars, we then ventured back at a slightly faster pace with a short stop trackside for the adrenaline fun.

Back at the base, we got to check out our horrible facials while eating dust on a big screen as Charles flicked through photos and videos he gathered during the ride.

Overall it was a fun day and we left covered in dirt with a smile on our face.

Do something different and check out a Quad Biking Adventure Tour, I promise you won’t be disappointed.