The Origin bet is back

The Maroons celebrate the win for State of Origin game 1 2022. Photo: NRL

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has given Queensland an extra reason to win the State of Origin.

Win the series and Sydney’s famous Harbour Bridge will turn maroon.

Premiers Perrottet and Palaszczuk have brought back the traditional Origin bet.

“When Queensland wins the series, Premier Perrottet will light the famous Harbour Bridge in maroon,” the Premier said.

“In the unlikely event of a New South Wales series win the Story Bridge will turn blue.”

The Premier thanked Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner for his co-operation.

“Origin is more than a game,” the Premier said.

“For 42 years it’s been mate against mate and state against state.

“I can’t wait to hear people roaring the famous ‘Queenslander’ chant.

“And I am very much looking forward to seeing Sydney Harbour Bridge go Maroon after Game Three.”

Queensland is off to a good start, beating New South Wales 10-16 in Game 1.