Snapper coming pan sized

Joe Tomic with a nice jew.

With many anglers waiting for the arrival of the big snapper, the smaller pan sized snapper are in good numbers on the local reefs.

If you want a challenge why not break out the light estuary gear on these fish. Try using 3-4 inch plastics on 1/6th jig heads. Fishing light to get the bite really helps during calmer conditions and big fish can be landed. You can also expect to find sweetlip, pearlies, tusk fish and jewies to name a few.

While conditions are lumpy stay around Sunshine and Halls reef, enjoy drifting around and make sure you always have a gang hooked pilchard out the back.

On the beaches a few chopper tailor are starting to come through. Although small, 35cm is the legal minimum and if you are a jewfish angler there is no better bait. Gang hooking pillies is the best method for tailor and using some bait thread as big casts can see fragile baits come off.

We are also seeing some good trevally and bream from around the headlands. These can be spun up, float fished with small chunks of mullet or soft plastics lightly weighted and cast into the wash.

Noosa River is seeing a good mix of species hitting decks throughout the system. Clear waters mean that 6-8lb braid and leader is a must.

Flathead and bream can be found in good numbers from the coastguard toward the mouth. During overcast days using vibes and soft vibes is a great way to fish large areas of water and hook into some decent fish. There are many drop offs, sand bags and rocky points so pick the turn in the tide for the best chance.

Lake Cooroibah and between the lakes offers rock bars, deep holes and mangrove lined banks for snag bashing. Up here you can find trevally, queenfish, jewfish and mangrove jack. These fish aren’t easily found but will take soft vibes, soft plastics loaded with scent as well as flesh baits of pilchard and mullet.

From the marina toward the mouth various species of trevally can be found with goldens the most popular. Always have landing net setup and ready as they fight hard and will push light tackle to its limit.

Freshwater bass are schooling up and can be found in large groups on sounders. Soft vibes and small metal vibes and tail spinners are killing it right now. If using small lures be sure to flatten the barbs as the bass crunch these and it makes hook removal very difficult. These fish are also on the move so it is imperative to have sounders running so for long drawn out arches all stacked up as this is a classic bass show.

Surface fishing need not be first light as its cold and the fish will be holding in the warmer waters. Once the sun has risen and started to warm the edges try using small stickbaits and poppers with long pauses.

This time of year it is not uncommon to see toga cruising around in sun bathed bays while sipping small flies off the top. With the swell and winds keep many from going offshore why not hit up your local dam or lake this week.

So on behalf of Jack Mangrove, best of luck on your fishing adventures!

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