Pickleball is consolidated

Randal Hunt, Vicki Crawford, John Murphy and Christine Murphy

By Ron Lane

The first major step in consolidating a new sport is of course to build a good solid foundation, set the base and write the mission statement. On January of this year the base was set when the Pickleball Australia Association (PAA) was established and its Mission Statement announced. It is a not for profit organisation focused on nurturing the growth and development of pickleball Australia wide.

It was on February 13 this year, that Noosa Pickleball first talked with Noosa Today regarding their requirements :despite the virus things have really started to move. For Noosa, the sport is definitely up and running: with games organised according to the necessary health regulations.

In March Pickleball Association of Queensland (PAQ), became a founding State Member of Pickleball Australia Association (PAA), when they became affiliated with the national body. As a result of this they are now, “… very quickly building our membership.”

With the emphases of the older group keeping fit (men and women) in today’s situation, this could definitely be the perfect answer.

Unfortunately, as with many other sports in Australia, the National championships for 2020 have been cancelled; at present the possibility of a date in 2021 in Newcastle NSW, is being discussed. Regarding the Qld. titles it is hoped that the present date, late November early December 2020, will be achieved. Also, a Brisbane Open Doubles tournament set down for 25/26 September, is on the hope list. Not to be out done, a Noosa tournament set for the near future, is definitely on the drawing board.

The Noosa club arranged Sunday Picket ball at the Noosa Tennis Club, as soon as Covid restrictions allowed outdoor play. These games are proving popular and have generated lots of interest from the tennis players. NPC has provided paddles, balls and nets for the tennis club to offer anyone that wants to try playing the game. For more information about the game visit-www.noosapickleballclub.com

Regard the growth of the sport, a flyer just released states: If the growth of membership at club, state and national level continues at the present rate, pickleball player numbers, will begin to reflect that of other well- established sports, in 2-3 years. If the growth reflects that of pickleball in other countries, the target of 5000 players by 2023 will be easily achieved.

For those wishing to play in Noosa the place to go is the Noosa Leisure Centre.


Despite everything, one team of Noosa athletes who have stood strong would be the Noosa Heads Surf Life Saving boat crews. Last seasons’ results were indeed very good, but the cancellation of the National titles, were heart breaking: however, this has only made them more determined, knowing that from last season results, they have the ability to go all the way. The adrenaline is already starting to pump.

To be a member of a boat club, where the legend started way back in 1949,is enough to make any rower, from the youngest rookie to the oldest veteran, eager for the new season.

When discussing the season ahead , head sweep David Tomba pulled no punches. He warned the team members it would not be easy and members should be prepared for a tough financial time ahead. “I have a dream and a vision of what I want,” he said. Totally supported by his team of sweeps and their positive team attitude, it can make his dream and vision, a reality.

To wrap up the season, the major awards the Majan Strajnar Memorial Trophy for the best all round member of the boat section, went to Stewart Cooper and the best crew went to the Woodswollers.

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