World class tribute to STING hits Noosa

Since forming in 2019, Blue Turtles, The Music of STING has won critical acclaim.

A world class tribute to STING is set to entertain a crowd in Noosa for one night only.

Since forming in 2019, Blue Turtles, The Music of STING has won critical acclaim and rave reviews from audiences for its outstanding delivery of STING’s vast catalogue of songs.

Queensland’s very own Neil Wickham is the show’s musical director and saxophonist, and he is excited to bring the show to The J Theatre at Noosa for the first time.

“Our show is very much a celebration of Sting’s unique song writing that features his hit singles and beloved album songs from his time with The Police, but mostly from his award-winning solo albums,“ Wickham said.

“As an artist, Sting can move so effortlessly from reggae to jazz, rock to bebop, country to soul, and funk to ballads. This is a unique gig to play as it covers so many musical styles. Additionally, he has recorded and toured with some of the greatest musicians on the planet as members of his bands.

“Sting can pen a great love or pop song but doesn’t shy away from topics like separation, divorce, death, prostitution, reconciliation, war and genocide – real world stuff.

“For example, if Roxanne were released as a single today as an unheard song, the world would listen in awe, to both the story and his voice, and be talking about it as they did when it was originally released.

“I started playing music when his Dream of the Blue Turtles was released, so I spent a fair bit of time learning to play these songs. As a saxophone player, I am a huge fan of the great Branford Marsalis, but all the musicians on this album blew my mind.“

Blue Turtles, The Music of STING pays tribute to an artist of exceptional talent and skill, arguably one of the finest songwriters of our time.

“We’ve done our very best to put together an eclectic show where every single song has been arranged carefully so as to pay our respects to his wonderful talents and all of those who’ve worked with him. There’s lots of memories, magic and, especially, ear candy,” Wickham said.

“I should add, that the audience will be asked to sing along with us!”

Blue Turtles, The Music of STING plays for one show only at The J Noosa on 21 May.

Wickham said, “I love playing in Noosa. I performed there for many years at the Jazz Festival. More recently, I performed at The J with the mighty Hindley Street Country Club and have some gigs there with them in early May. It appears Noosa and the Sunshine Coast love great live music, so we are keen to share our hard work with everyone.”

DATE: Saturday 21 of May 7:30pm

VENUE: The J Noosa, 60 Noosa Drive, Noosa Junction

TICKETS: l Ph: 5329 6560