Art that expands, challenges and inspires

Carley Bourne's Beach Oasis Acrylic artwork.

The historic Butter Factory Arts Centre in Cooroy building will transform into three vastly different gallery experiences throughout July and August.

There will be three solo exhibitions on display, each one as unique as the other.

Individually the artists excel within their genre and showcase a mastery in their specific mediums of paint, abstraction, and assemblage.

They are the Creamery exhibition, Flora Collective by contemporary painter Carley Bourne, the Butterbox exhibition Trial No. 8’ by emerging abstract artist Odessa Mahony-deVries and the Foyer exhibition Legends Of Objects Of Desire (O.O.D) by sculpture and assemblage artist Manuel Bugallo.

Carley Bourne’s colourful and extraordinarily detailed paintings will fill the Creamery space. Highly sought after for her unique style, Carley‘s artwork is heavily inspired by the natural world. Her exhibition Flora Collective represents plant life present in a particular region or time.

With a focus on shape and movement, from a delicate leaf, a flower that has burst open, or the tiny details of a seed, this solo exhibition is a unique contemporary collection revealing Carley’s interpretations of Flora.

In the Butterbox we are thrilled to debut young and emerging abstract artist Odessa Mahony-deVries.

The exhibition Trial No .8 will feature huge abstract artworks, draped from the ceiling, along with videos and images revealing the artists (public and private) process of ‘making’.

Whether it be locked in a jail cell with four instructions or tiptoeing along scaffolding, the performative and laborious act of painting is fundamental to this bold exhibition.

Odessa’s playful multi-disciplinary art practice talks about concepts of ‘disruption through limitation’ by pushing or conforming to time, duration, and spatial constraints.

The third solo show which will be on display in the Foyer will feature French-born artist Manuel Bugallo.

Manuel’s art practice includes collecting discarded spare parts and forsaken scraps of history and transforming into a new life. These objects once undesirable become desirable again. This exhibition Legends Of Objects Of Desire (O.O.D) is an unfolding story/fable much like the continuity of humanity through storytelling to ignite imagination and interpretation.

The three exhibitions open Friday 23 July, tickets are free but booking is essential via the website.

The opening event is on 23 July from 6 to 8pm at 11A Maple Street Cooroy.

Exhibitions run from 23 July to 29 August. Book online for free at