Local architect honoured in career-showcasing survey exhibition

Gabriel Poole, Lake Weyba House. Photo: Reiner Blunck. Courtesy of Elizabeth Poole.

Award-winning Australian architect Gabriel Poole was known for his innovative, light-weight designs that profoundly influenced the direction of architecture in Queensland.

Site and climate responsive, the internationally-renowned architect’s commitment to working with the realities of location, materials and budget epitomised the ways in which an architectural response can strengthen the character and identity of a region.

Space In Which The Soul Can Play is a new exhibition surveying Poole’s practice across some five decades. Charting the development of his creative practice that is today synonymous with the best architecture across the Sunshine Coast region, the exhibition provides a rare opportunity to experience a host of spaces not often available to us to explore at our leisure.

Says co-curator and Noosa Regional Gallery Director Michael Brennan, “the chance to cast an eye across half a century of practice by a celebrated architect – to see at scale in one public space juxtapositions of iconic buildings that speak of, as well as help define, a particular time and place, is wonderfully rare.

“Poole’s buildings possess an honesty, connectedness and functional elegance which encourage an awareness of both the surrounding environment and the individual’s place within it,” continues Brennan.

“There is perhaps a heightened sense of living in the moment which comes with such an experience, and that in itself has the power to pull the world into perspective.”

Guided intimately by the eye of visual artist and Gabriel’s life partner Elizabeth Poole, and multi award-winning architect Tim Bennetton, Space In Which The Soul Can Play gives us pause to reflect on a life significantly defined by the pursuit of an authentic, mindful and environmentally responsive architectural voice.

Space In Which The Soul Can Play is now showing until 31 October. Please visit noosaregionalgallery.com.au for more information.