Young and Senior Artists of the Region on Show

Beauty for Beauty's Sake by Malena Elston.

This September the Butter Factory Arts Centre (BFAC) will showcase two new exhibitions featuring local artists from all walks of life.

The Butter Factory Coordinator Alicia Sharples said, “We are looking forward to the juxtaposition of having our front two rooms filled with established artists over 70 years whilst we have young creators and makers in the Butterbox from Noosa District State High School.“

The exhibition ‘Art after 70’ will be on display in the Foyer + Creamery and feature local and regional artists over the age of seventy, from 12 September to 11 October.

The quality of artists in this exhibition is high with several award-winning participants as well as established and emerging artists.

There is a wealth of creativity among the third age population in our area and this creativity deserves to be exhibited.

Various disciplines will be represented including painting, mixed media, ceramics, glass, photography and fabric art.

It is an opportunity to show the community that the creative journey does not stop with age.

The exhibition in the Butterbox will be ‘Young Creators and Makers’ from the Noosa District State High School, open from 15 September to 11 October.

The show will include fine art, fashion, technical design, and furniture that students either started or finished in Lockdown.

Butter Factory Arts Centre is located at 11A Maple Street, Cooroy. For more information email or visit