Why have an EV Expo?

Bus on display at 2021 Expo.

In the growing concern about carbon emissions, transport sometimes slips under the radar, or goes in the too-hard basket.

However, Zero Emissions Noosa says we need to give more thought to sustainable transport options, as Noosa Council’s estimate of the shire emissions shows that transport represents 33 per cent of emissions.

“Of course this is a challenge, but one I think Noosa residents are keen to tackle,” expo coordinator Vivien Griffin said.

“ZEN Inc. runs the EV Expo each year to promote information in the community about the growing number of options for sustainable transport.

“It’s about so much more than electric cars.

“We want to showcase the positive options, including e-bikes, scooters, motorbikes and electric buses and trucks. For example, Sunbus will shortly introduce five electric buses onto their Sunshine Coast routes, and we definitely want to see them in Noosa.”

The Expo is proudly supported by Noosa Council and Noosa Junction Association.

More information can be found at noosaevexpo.com.au