Pool of experience

Poolside Noosa has been helping pool owners in this area for over 30 years.

For over 30 years, Poolside Noosa has remained the pinnacle of comprehensive pool care in the Noosa region.

Our unwavering dedication to exceptional service has solidified our reputation as the preferred choice for residents and businesses.

Empowered by continuous growth and expertise, we proudly present an extensive range of pool equipment options, catering to varying preferences, sizes, and budgets.

Our 18-strong team of pool care professionals, including skilled technicians and workshop experts, ensures pools are impeccably maintained. A fleet of eight mobile units guarantees timely service, while our adept workshop team swiftly handles repairs, minimising downtime.

Our service portfolio encompasses routine and specialised pool cleaning, green pool treatments, efficient equipment repairs, and seamless new equipment installations.

Visit our well-stocked showroom for chemicals, spare parts, pool cleaners, heaters, chlorinators, pumps, and filters.

We offer complimentary in-house water testing, ensuring your pool remains a healthy environment.

For top-tier pool care services and products, contact us at 07 5449 7199.

Experience the Poolside Noosa difference and ensure your pool is a year-round source of relaxation and joy.

Visit poolsidenoosa.com.au