Demand boom for Eumundi Brew

The brewing team at the Eumundi Brewery has a nice problem on their hands. The Eumundi beer has been so well received across the Coast that they have now engaged extra brewing support to keep up with demand – and all less than 18 months after officially opening the brewery doors. The increased production will see the rollout of Eumundi Brewery Lager bottles in the weeks ahead.

Head Brewer at the Eumundi Brewery Chris Sheehan said he’s thrilled the beer has been so popular with locals and tourists.

“It is incredibly rewarding knowing that the revival of our Brewery has been so warmly welcomed,” says Chris. “We’ve seen amazing demand for our Eumundi Brewery Lager from restaurants, pubs and clubs across the Coast – top to bottom, beach to hinterland.”

“As such, we can’t get enough lager out of the Brewery as it is now and can’t exactly take over the whole Imperial Hotel, so have decided to partner with the Malt Shovel Brewery to assist with production”, Chris says.

Chris feels confident with the arrangement as prior to taking on the Eumundi Brewery role he served as Head Brewer for James Squire and Malt Shovel Brewery for a number of years.

“We’ll still run the brewery here at full swing, with support from the team at Malt Shovel Brewery. Knowing the system down there, we’ll match every aspect of the beer using the same recipe, flavour, love and care that it is made with in Eumundi,” he said.

With the increase in keg production and launch of bottles later this month, Chris is keen to expand distribution and give more people the chance to try the lager in their own local neighbourhoods.

“The beer is already popping up in Brisbane and other parts of Queensland. One day, I honestly hope it is available Australia wide,” Chris said.

The brewery in Eumundi will continue to be the home of the brand and the Imperial Hotel will remain the only place beer-lovers can taste Eumundi beers tapped direct from the brewery tanks.

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