Bicycle ways and boardwalks

Bicycles and boardwalks concept for Noosa Heads by Thomas Draper

Thomas Draper

A Noosa Councillor recently announced that ‘day trippers’ should pay a congestion charge. So much for the Noosa ‘village feel’ and welcome.

Rapid population growth is on the town’s doorstep.

Why should tourists pay for Councils infrastructure failures? It’s certain to back-fire, causing damage to Noosa’s reputation and Hastings Street business.

A Noosa Drive bus transit lane especially for day-trippers terminating at Lions Park would be welcomed. See Drawing TDP-0053.

A Noosa Drive bicycle lane and boardwalk announced in 2022 and widely announced in the media was however plonked right in the exact path of the transit lane.

This is totally in conflict with the 2016 advice by Council’s highly professional engineering consultants, Parsons Brinckerhof (now WSP Global).

For generations, a diverse range of Hastings Street retail businesses, especially those attractive to higher income visitors and wealthy residents, have not been able to survive economic fluctuations.

The rich are essential. They help pay for the bicycle lanes and boardwalks.

For the rich, convenience is critical, and patience is minimal.

A bicycle may be viewed as a quirky choice for rich tourists to ‘get around’.

The 600 car Langura Street paid garage would feed the 8 person shuttles to bypass eventual consistently heavy traffic on Noosa Drive.

Start with a big hardstand. Then expand to a garage. It could also service Girraween Sports Complex. Confident sports cyclists will ride as they wish.

Drawing TDP-0053 hereby shows an alternative route in the West residential enclave for a general purpose bicycle lane along the canal from Lions Park, passing around the Serenity Close development to Banksia Avenue and the ‘J’.

It would be far more interesting and healthier for recreational cyclists, featuring no pollution and less danger of collisions. Mangroves could be protected.

Note that Council built a boardwalk through mangroves nearby at Weyba Creek, simply for public viewing.

Recreational/average cyclists would arrive at the Junction near where the original Noosa Drive boardwalk/cycling link is currently planned to terminate.

This surely still meets Government objectives and qualification for grants.

Relocated from Noosa Drive, the superior boardwalk along the canal would be loved by the tourist, the elderly and resident of average fitness.

This West enclave BOARDWALK would extend to below Macquarie Lodge on the canal, then climb the Banksia Avenue easement (see drawing) up on to Banksia Avenue and then continue on to the “J’ carpark employing part of the same route as that employed by cyclists.

The height at Banksia Avenue is only half that of Noosa Drive. The route is about 200 metres longer, still a treat for residents and resort guests.

A second boardwalk (see drawing) in the East residential and resort enclave should commence at the junction of Noosa Parade and Noosa Drive (the entrance to Halse Lodge), leading up the hill behind resorts which overlook Noosa Drive.

This boardwalk would connect readily to Edgar Bennet Avenue, again, negotiable for elderly and the less mobile.

It would be great for resorts while an existing staircase is a real trudge for guests. A boardwalk extension to Attunga Heights could be considered.

A forest environment is a main feature of the East enclave.

That’s it folks. Look out for concept 4 next week.