Victims call for compensation

Victims of juvenile crime face financial and emotional toll.

We, the victims of juvenile theft and damage, would like offenders and their parents to pay compensation. We are “Aussie Battlers” who work hard all our lives to provide a home, a car, and personal items for our family, only to have it stolen and destroyed.

I would like to extend my thanks to our Sunshine Coast Police and Forensic Squad who successfully apprehended these young offenders, your work is valued and appreciated.

Unfortunately despite this good work from police, our juvenile court systems leave a lot to be desired. These young offenders are quickly released to go about re-offending and are provided with anonymity with their names not being published or even provided to victims of their crimes to seek compensation. These youth crime laws need to be amended now.

Youth crime has been on the rise in recent times as we are all aware, the laws need to change in such a way as to be an active deterrent to this kind of destructive behaviour.

Our family is now without a car after a group of young offenders stole it from our front yard and took it on a joy ride before running it into a tree, a total loss. To replace this vehicle which is a large 4WD needed to transport our family of six, is an expense we had not anticipated and certainly did not need. Our car had been meticulously maintained in excellent condition and handed down through three generations, its loss has taken an emotional toll alongside the financial one.

Our court systems should be acting in the interests of the public. These laws protecting the identities of youth offenders require immediate adjustment.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter

Wendy Holloway,