Looking for love the reality way

2021 The Bachelor contestant Belinda Robinson

By Margaret Maccoll

Noosa criminal lawyer Belinda Robinson admits to being married to her job so to meet a man she decided to follow in the footsteps of fellow criminal lawyer Anna Heinrich who set a record for having the longest, most successful relationship of The Bachelor after winning the first ever series in 2013.

“My life revolves around work so the only men I come into contact with are my criminal clients and my work colleagues so this opportunity was perfect for me,“ she said when asked why she wanted to be one of 23 contestants on Network Ten’s The Batchelor.

“It was honestly such an incredible once in a lifetime incredible experience.“

Unfortunately the magic wasn’t there for Belinda and the bachelor, 31-year-old pilot Jimmy Nicholson, and she was evicted from the show last week after only two episodes.

“Jimmy is an incredible guy – so sincere,“ she said. “It’s unfortunate we didn’t have that connection.“

However, Belinda still rates the show as a realistic way to meet your match.

And as a bonus she walked away after making “lifelong connections“ with the other 22 women vying for Jimmy’s affections.

Having had only one relationship in her life, an 11-year relationship that began in her teenage years, Belinda said she really had nothing to compare it to when her first date as an adult occurred on the show, with two other women.

“It’s such a different experience but incredible,“ she said. “I’m so lucky I got to be part of it.

“What you see on the TV is exactly what it’s like. We do live together. We go on dates together. We go to cocktail parties. That’s exactly what you see.“

She said her family was right behind her decision to go on the reality show.

“My family has been incredibly supportive,“ she said. “They loved watching me on TV and being part of the magic.“

Belinda was 15 years old when she moved to Noosa with her family from Sydney. After attending four different high schools, she went to university where she studied law.

“It was important to do something that would help people and make sure my work had an impact on people’s lives,“ she said.

Belinda threw herself into her work and study, completing several law-related degrees including a Masters and a graduate certificate in domestic violence.

While she didn’t find love on The Bachelor, Belinda is still a believer in the show.

“I would recommend it for anyone,“ she said. “It’s an incredible experience. It’s so much fun. It’s definitely a way you could find true love.“