Wallace House art exhibition

Artist Sam Vatovey

Even some long-term locals may not be aware that nestled into the trees at 1 Wallace Drive, sits 90-year-old Wallace House.

Like many 90-year-olds, The House has had an ‘interesting’ past with more than a few tales to tell and according to some, it even has a resident ghost. For the last 27 years, however, Wallace House has been home to the Noosa Arts and Crafts Association (NACA), a diverse group of artists, artisans, writers and crafts people who attend the various activity groups and workshops on offer there.

While their levels of skill and expertise are as diverse as their backgrounds and personalities, the one sure thing they have in common is enjoying being a part of a this creative community.

Noosa Arts and Crafts welcomes visitors to come to their Arts and Minds Exhibition. This eclectic exhibition will be opened by Deputy Mayor Frank Willkie on the evening of August 20. The exhibition runs for one week and will feature work from members of the botanical arts, two other painting groups, life art, pottery and ceramics, porcelain painting, beading, embroidery and smocking groups.

Wallace House is also the home of Noosa Boomerang Bags (supporting a Plastic Free Noosa) and The Hub of the Noosa Open Studios October event.

In the week leading up to and during the Open Studios, NACA will host an exhibition of work featuring works from the various participating studios. As there are around 100 studios taking part in the event, visiting The Hub at Wallace House will help visitors to plan their Open Studio experience. Information brochures with trail maps to the various studios will be available there.

Visit Noosa Arts and Crafts Association at noosaartsandcrafts.org.au or call them on 54741211 for information about activities, workshops and exhibitions.