Turkey settles on prime land

Turkey landscaping work on show.

By Margaret Maccoll

Bush turkeys have certainly established their place in Noosa society with their obvious presence in Noosa Heads National Park, their images on tee shirts and a hard-to-miss mural at Noosa Junction but one turkey has lately established his domain on one of Noosa’s prime locations with a Park Road address and an enviable view across Main Beach.

Forget council approvals and building codes it has been single-footed hard work and determination that has earned the bird his spot.

Over recent weeks he’s been noticed diligently working on his nesting mound, scraping up leaf litter and compost and checking its temperature with his beak to ensure it’s just right.

And what female wouldn’t be impressed?

It’s a tough life for a bush turkey. If he did manage to lure a female to his mound to lay her eggs any chicks, once hatched, will have to fend for themselves at Noosa’s top tourist spot. 

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