Learn how to build your own tiny house

Freds Tiny Houses Ningi Workshop.

An esteemed builder of tiny houses and a valued teacher for other tiny houses DIY builders, Fred Schultz of Fred’s Tiny Houses will be coming to Noosa to help others navigate the complexities of tiny house living in the region.

On the weekend of 1 and 2 June, Fred will present a series of workshops at Tait-Duke Community Cottage, 14 Earl St, Tewantin, that examine how to build a tiny house, where to put one, all things trailers, and how to take your tiny house off grid.“The workshop series aims to equip people with all the knowledge they need to take on a do it-yourself build, saving participants years of research,” Fred said.

“Here in Noosa, tiny houses are attracting a lot of interest. They’ve really hit a chord with people. Tiny Houses on wheels can offer people the chance to live in a dwelling that is both affordable and sustainable, but you have to really know what your local government’s attitude is towards tiny house living before progressing,” he said.

Fred paved the way in problem-solving for DIY tiny house builders in Australia as most of the research and knowledge up until now has been relevant to the United States.

Tiny houses on wheels present some unique building challenges.

“They have to be designed to move easily and safely, but at the same time they need to offer excellent options for permanent living. It’s quite a juggle to get that right,” he said.

“It’s also a complex issue as to where you can legally live in them, and for how long.”

Recently Fred’s Tiny Houses launched their National Council Database, which offers people the chance to both access good quality information about living legalities, and also contribute to the database with their experiences.

Fred’s Tiny House Website can be viewed at www.fredstinyhouses.com.au.


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