Stage one Underway for Sunshine Beach

By Ron Lane

 It was for me a happy sad occasion. Escorted by acting site supervisor Steve Boulton I was walking around the site of the Sunshine Beach Surf Club re- building project. “We have only been working two days,” said Steve, “but already you can see the progress.”

Stage 1 (the complete demolition) of the rebuilding of the Sunshine Beach Surf Life Saving Club is well and truly under way. With heavy machinery ripping both sides of the building apart, aluminum and other materials that can be used for recycling were being piled away to the sides. “You know,” he said with a builder’s sense of humor, “it is easier to rip it down than it is to rebuild.”

When the Sunshine Club was reformed back in 1981 (after many long years of having no club at all) their clubhouse was a small tin shed at the bottom of the sand dunes, right back from the waters edge. As their first District Supervisor, I was totally supportive and was looking forward to the days when the tin shed would become a modern club house with all the essential necessities.

Down through the years there were renovations but now it is the big step forward. A complete demolition and in its place a magnificent club house with all the state- of- the- art facilities.

With good weather and no major setbacks it should indeed be a Christmas for all to remember, lifesavers, their families and supporters. For the sponsors it will indeed be a club in which they can take pride.

With the usual formalities that follow a major government grant causing some minor holdups, the starting date was slightly delayed, but now is all stations go. Having sighted the architects final drawings the supporters and sponsors can rest assured that the wait will indeed be worthwhile; and the finished product will be the envy of many clubs, not just throughout the state of Queensland but also the nation.

On the training side the Noosa Club will offer their premises to help in any possible way should the need arise: all for one and one for all.

Saturday morning saw the end of yet another very successful Seahorse Nipper season: to refer to it as the Magnificent 7 would indeed be an understatement. In this its seventh year it is going as strong as ever with one family travelling from as far away as Brisbane to take part in the morning program. The effort of this family indeed speaks volumes for the high regard in which this branch of lifesaving is held. With two short seasons in each year the second for this year will start in September. There can be no doubt that the team of helpers that, over the years, have given their tireless support, will once again be on the beach.

At the completion of the mornings activities trophies for the nippers were presented by Nipper Patron Jordan Mercer, visiting junior world Tri-Athlon champion Chloe McLennan and veteran lifesaver/ lifeguard Locke Lansdown. Presenters congratulated both the nippers and the work team on the success of the season and apology from co- patron Dawn Fraser was noted.

In his closing remarks founder and chief organizer Steve Mawby said, “I cannot thank the helpers and work force enough; in particular the local council, the ladies kitchen crew and Big Pete and his mates for their parking duties and support to the ladies work force. Above all the parents who make such an effort to bring their families to the beach. Once again many thanks to all involved.”


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