Back to square one for Village build

Disused building at the the Peregian Village proposed development site. Photo: Rob Maccoll

By Margaret Maccoll

It looks like it will be back to the drawing board for Dave Maloney Investments for development plans for a Peregian Beach property described as “an eyesore” at Noosa Council’s General Meeting on Monday.

The building at 6 Heron Street, Peregian Village has sat idle for more than a year since it was vacated by Friendly Grocer.

Council heard the Planning and Environment Court recently decided to reject an appeal made by the applicant to Council’s refusal to allow the construction of a three storey development that included a restaurant, retail area, office units and roof top terrace.

On Monday council looked set to refuse an extension to a development approval granted in 2012 for a two-storey building that included a restaurant and shop on the ground floor, office tenancies on the first floor and a roof top terrace for the use of tenants only.

Cr Brian Stockwell said eight years had been an adequate time for the applicant to complete the development.

Cr Joe Juresivec said if the currency period on the application was not approved the applicant would be required to lodge a new application under the new Noosa Plan which

Council staff said would be approved if the application complied with the code.

Mayor Clare Stewart decided she could not support an application that the court felt did not fit in with the community and did not provide adequate disabled access.

She said the key site should provide a development that was “somewhat remarkable” and would be of community benefit.

Council staff recommended the extension to the currency period be refused because the proposed development would result in a building of bulky appearance that was not compatible with surrounding development.

The proposal did not have pitched or curved roof, it did not provide a 2m setback from the village green, would not enhance the character of the centre and would be unlikely to proceed as it did not provide access for people with disability, staff said.

A final decision was due to be made on the development application at Council’s Ordinary Meeting on Thursday evening.

History at a glance:

1972 – Council approved five shops on the site of the proposed development which had been occupied by a convenience store.

2012 – Council approved the development of a two-storey building with restaurant, shop, offices and private roof terrace.

2016 – Council approved an extension of four years currency period on the development approval.

2017 – A minor change application was made, proposing an extensive redesign and was withdrawn in May 2019.

June 2019 – Council refused a development application for a three storey development including a restaurant, office space and roof top terrace.

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