Doing more to be eco-friendly

Noosa Sun's Darren Kennon addresses the crowd at the Superheroes awards. Supplied.

By Zero Emissions Noosa

Being presented with the Zero Emissions Noosa (ZEN) Inc Superheroes Award in March this year and being environmentally conscious, Jackie and Darren Kennan, of Noosa Sun Motel in Noosaville, were spurred on to look for new ways to be more eco-friendly and further reduce the motel’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Said Darren: “Having seen the great savings we made after installing solar PV in 2016, we were keen to reduce our costs from air-conditioning. Being successful applicants in the Federal Government’s Energy Uplift grant rogram for small accommodation providers, we were able to improve our air conditioning efficiency by installing eight Solar Ark roof ventilators that let hot air out of the roof cavity.

“These ventilators have made a huge difference to the room temperatures and therefore the amount of A/C our guests now use. The upper floor room temperatures have been reduced by four degrees, and the downstairs rooms feel like the A/C is on when it is not, so guests in all rooms use much less air conditioning than before. It also makes it much cooler for us to work when we are servicing the rooms, so it is a win/win for the guests, for us and for the owner, who pays a lower power bill and our emissions from energy use are reduced even further.“

Noosa Sun Motel has also been fitted with a system that Darren and his staff can log into remotely and turn off the A/C if guests have gone out and inadvertently left it on, again saving energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

With LED lighting throughout the complex, solar pool heating, biodegradable coffee pods, recycle bins in every unit, recycled toilet tissue, toiletries that are packaged in bio-degradable and compostable materials and cans and bottles separated and delivered to Containers for Change, Darren and Jackie’s attention to detail is making Noosa Sun Motel a truly eco-friendly place to stay.

Well done Darren and Jackie for going all out to reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions of Noosa Sun Motel. You are true ZEN Inc Superheroes!