School stand against bullying

Students say no to bullying.

Noosa District State High School demonstrated a united front against bullying as they participated in the Bullying No Way! campaign on Friday 18 August.

Both the Pomona and Cooroy campuses joined forces to raise awareness and combat bullying in a show of solidarity.

The event saw a remarkable turnout, with more than 100 students gathering at the Pomona Campus library and numerous participants at the Cooroy Campus.

The central focus was a striking selfie frame adorned with school colours and the Bullying No Way! hashtag. Students enthusiastically posed with the frame, wearing orange ribbons and wristbands to symbolise their commitment to the cause.

Year level coordinator Mr Gordon commended the students for their engagement and their efforts to stand up against bullying.

“Seeing students embrace the selfie frame, don ribbons, and encourage their peers is truly incredible,” he said.

The Bullying No Way! campaign sends a powerful message that bullying will not be tolerated and highlights the importance of fostering a safe and inclusive school environment. By taking part in this campaign, Noosa District State High School is fostering conversations and actions that promote kindness, respect, and unity among its students.